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Not dead,
but sleeping

The Bath

Limited to just 1000 10” copies worldwide, the first 200 on hand screen-printed sleeves. This rare and beautiful EP was the beginning of Lemon Jelly.

In the Bath, featuring samples from “Tahitian Sunset”, performed by Bert Kaempfert and his orchestra, the female vocals are by Tricia Pank.

Nervous Tension uses samples from “Dance Till Your Shoes Fall Off Your Feet” and “The Last Thing On My Mind” performed by Nana Mouskouri and “Relax With Reveen” performed by peter Reveen.

A Tune for Jack makes use of samples from “Wichita Lineman” performed by Johnny Pearson for Sounds Orchestral and additionally “My Baby” performed by Ken Nordine and the Fred Katz Group.

The Yellow

The ultra rare The Yellow was limited to 1000 10” copies, the first 240 on hand screen-printed sleeves. If the inner sleeve is pulled out, the Lemon Jelly logo appears through a series of die-cut holes in the outer sleeve resulting in the illusion of animation. A theme that carried through to their third EP.

His Majesty King Raam comprises of samples from “Evergreen”, “Two For The Road”, Softly as I Leave you” and “The Greatest Gift” performed by Henry Mancini and his orchestra.

The Staunton Lick contains samples from “Basic Plucking of the Ballad Lick” performed by John Pearse.

Homage to Patagonia makes use of a sample from “Mas Que Nada” performed by Luiz Henrique.

The Midnight

Not just a rare record but also a beautiful piece of artwork, The Midnight was limited to 1000 10” copies, the first 350 in a hand screen-printed sleeve. When the inner sleeve was pulled out silver foil was visible through tiny die-cut holes in the outer sleeve giving the illusion of the stars twinkling in the midnight sky.

Kneel Before Your God -

Page One -

Come contains samples from “You” performed by Lani Hall and also “Country and Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless” performed by Jon Grindick.


In 2000 Lemon Jelly’s three EP’s were brought together into one incredible, scrumptiously packaged LP titled LemonJelly.ky.

This was in part due to the success of the first three EP’s and a record deal with XL Recordings. Due to copyright issues the band was forced to make minor adjustments to some tracks.

The cover features no indication of who the record is by, choosing to rely on the instantly recognisable Lemon Jelly art style and brand to sell the record. The record featured a sticker in the top right corner warning people that it was not necessary to purchase this record if they already owned the first three EP’s.

Lost Horizons

The second LP Lost Horizons produced two charting singles, “Space Walk” and “Nice Weather for Ducks”. The album cover was digitally produced by Fred himself.

The sleeve features a multi-coloured field looking out to the Sea, The flipside of the record shows a stylised city landscape in grey and black with the inside depicting the same scene but at night, the message being ‘during the day it’s fun to be in the countryside and its dull to be in the city, but at night it’s fun to be in the city and dull to be in the countryside’ .


’64-’95 was considerably darker than the first two LP’s, so much so that they issued a disclaimer to fans on the front stating, “This is our new album, it’s not like our old album.”

The tracks on the album are made up of hooks, loops and samples from music between the years of 1964 and 1995. Each track listing is preceded by the year the track came from.

To accompany the release of the album a DVD version was produced with animated videos for each song.

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